Becoming Pregnant through egg donation

Bellyprint is a place where pregnancy is at the heart of our conversations. Recently, one of our expectant mothers shared with me the unique joy of experiencing pregnancy through egg donation once again. Intrigued, I eagerly sought more information about this extraordinary pregnancy.

Egg donation is not an everyday occurrence, and it sparked a captivating conversation. Marten and Karina, in their unwavering openness, emphasise the importance of acknowledging that pregnancy is not guaranteed for everyone and that egg cell donation can be a remarkable option.

Karina, with her Turner Syndrome, a condition hindering her physical maturation into adulthood, began taking hormones at the age of thirteen, fully aware that a natural pregnancy was not in the cards for her. Exploring alternative paths to parenthood became a necessity.

Marten, who met Karina in their early twenties, always believed they would embark on this journey together. The question was how. The solution unexpectedly presented itself through egg donation, and thus their path unfolded.

Karina candidly expressed, “Oh, I only have to carry the baby. The egg donation part is intense, and it’s beyond my control.”

What sets Marten and Karina’s story apart is the selflessness of their egg donor, who graciously offered to donate for both their first child and their current baby. Grateful for this act of kindness, Karina remarked, “It has been an incredible journey for this woman, and we are amazed by her willingness to do this for us once again.”

Becoming an egg donor involves undergoing hormone injections, a factor beyond my control. My role was simply to offer support. Fortunately, both egg retrievals proceeded smoothly.

The initial meeting at a coffee shop, where we acquainted ourselves and explored the possibilities at Bellyprint, paved the way for this blog. Continuing our discussion over a soothing cup of tea, we delved into various poses, culminating in the breathtaking capture of Karina’s pregnant belly through the art of 3D photography. Truly, Karina’s expectant belly is a sight to behold.

The power of their story and their heartfelt willingness to share it left an indelible impact on me. We are deeply honoured that Marten and Karina chose to include us in this momentous occasion by preserving the beauty of her pregnant belly with a Bellyprint.