Special Belly

The Special Belly

There are more options to get captured. The surcharges of these options are regardless of the material you take. This is included in the price.

We are able to scan babies up to a maximum of 12 weeks old including breastfeeding poses. If your baby already follows light with great interest, the chance of success is smaller.

We can also include children, they must be 4 years and older.

From the age of 8, children succeed in following the instructions properly, which results in a nice scan to get started with, a different surcharge applies.

Special Belly surcharges

There are more options for your 3D recording. The pricing of these options is separate from the Bellyprint of choice. This is included in the option pricing.

  • With the hands of your love
  • Of a plaster belly
  • With baby/ child (till 8 year)
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Kind words

Made with love.

3D statutes that are beautiful from every angle. Just like you.