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For my appointment!

The best time to schedule your Bellyprint appointment is between weeks 33 – 36 of your pregnancy. Although we can still accommodate appointments after 36 weeks, keep in mind that your baby might decide to make an appearance – we wouldn’t want you to miss this precious moment.

If you’re expecting twins (or more) consider booking between weeks 28 – 32. Don’t miss out on cherishing this special time.

Absolutely, booking an appointment is a must! Please note that we cannot accommodate walk-ins without prior appointments. So, go ahead and secure your spot by booking an appointment with us.

If the date you need isn’t available please reach out to the email and I will try to accommodate you the best I can.

By law, you have a 14-day cooling-off period and if you want to cancel your appointment within those 14 days we will refund your deposit. If you make a booking that is less than 14 days away you are waiving your rights to the cooling-off period. When you cancel your appointment outside of the cooling off period we will refund your deposit minus a £ 12.50 administration fee. If you cancel within 14 days of your appointment your deposit then becomes non-refundable. Of course, it is always possible to cancel your appointment due to medical reasons.

It’s not dangerous at all. During the session, our 3D camera captures around 2000 pictures within just one and a half minutes. Rest assured, the technology used is similar to what you’ll find in a regular photo camera, making it completely safe for your baby. Our scanner is used in the medical industry.

All our prices vary depending on which size you pick 15cm, 18cm and 20cm, whether you have hands or without and what finish you choose. Starting pricing are all 15cm without hands.

During my appointment!

To book simply fill in the form below choose a time that suits and secure your slot with a £50 booking fee, which we’ll deduct from the total cost on the day of your appointment. When you arrive at our cosy studio, we’ll take some time to chat about your pregnancy journey, share experiences, and of course, discuss all things Bellyprint! Then, we’ll dive into creating your unique Bellyprint finding a pose that suits you.. Once we’ve captured the 3D images, I’ll work my magic to piece them together, giving you a sneak preview of your beautiful Bellyprint. This appointment lasts about 1 hour.

After the initial booking, the creation process begins and the team get to work. There’s a lot that goes into the process from 3D image editing to hand polishing and sanding. The overall process can take around 12 weeks to 16 weeks.

You have the freedom to choose whether to go naked or not. Your comfort is our top priority, and we want you to feel proud of your beautiful Bellyprint. If being naked isn’t your preference, we recommend a seamless thong for a comfortable and smooth experience.

Our vision is to create a Bellyprint that reflects the beauty of your unique self during pregnancy. Your true essence shines through, and it’s not about any imperfections like dimples or nipples. What makes your Bellyprint special is the essence of your collarbone, hands, and the graceful shape of your spine. We are here to support and guide you throughout the process, encouraging open discussions about any uncertainties you may have. Feel free to share your thoughts and concerns, and together, we’ll explore the possibilities to showcase your beauty in the most heartfelt way possible.

Rest assured, we know various poses that can flatter your shape, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable during the session. Additionally, we offer options like a kimono, which allows you to be covered while showcasing your beautiful bump. Your comfort is paramount to us, and we want this experience to be both empowering and enjoyable for you.

We absolutely adore having your loved ones join you during your Bellyprint appointments! Whether it’s your partner, mum, or best friend, sharing this precious moment with them makes it even more meaningful and unforgettable. So, feel free to bring them along.

We recommend bringing a dressing gown/robe to pop on after we have done the imaging process. If you want to wear pants we recommend a seamless neutral thong is brought to change into.

At your scheduled appointment, you’ll have the opportunity to admire all available materials and make your selection. We will provide you with detailed information about your chosen material and present the range of colours available in these various options.

After my appointment!

We accept bank transfers, card payments and cash.

We always send your Bellyprint by registered mail, this is included in the price if you are in mainland UK. If you are outside mainland UK additional postage is required.

The delivery time for your Bellyprint typically spans 12-16 weeks, which means by the time it arrives, your baby will have arrived as well, and things may have settled down. You might even find yourself longing for your pregnancy bump.

Our Bellyprints are low maintenance. All they really need is the occasional wipe with a microfibre cloth to remove dust. Avoid using harsh chemicals found in some household cleaners.