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Dear Mum to be

How special is it to have your beautiful pregnant belly captured in your Bellyprint®. Experience the profound joy of capturing your pregnancy journey with a Bellyprint, an extraordinary memento that holds immeasurable significance. The concept of Bellyprint was born in 2015 when my pregnant niece graciously became a model. The outcome was breathtaking, and I eagerly shared it with my friends, who were instantly captivated. Word spread like wildfire, and thus, Bellyprint was born, fulfilling the desires of countless women across the Netherlands.

Each mother’s story is unique and profound. It’s natural to feel uncertain about your changing body, face various pregnancy challenges, and question your beauty as an expectant woman. However, all these emotions transform during your Bellyprint session. We stand by your side, guiding you through poses and capturing your 3D image with infectious enthusiasm. It’s a celebration of your pregnancy, a moment to acknowledge the miracle within your belly and the awe-inspiring power of your body. When your Bellyprint arrives at your doorstep, it will evoke a gentle nostalgia, transporting you back to that cherished moment in our studio.

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Embrace every day with love and joy, celebrate your pregnancy and the growth of a new life.

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Originating in the Netherlands, Bellyprint thrives with ten enterprising mothers and women who expertly create your 3D recordings. Our Mother location in Arnhem (NL) and six Daughter studios in various cities in The Netherlands provide exceptional service. Today, we proudly leap into the UK as Jackelyn establishes her very own Bellyprint Studio. It all began when Jackelyn received a Bellyprint gift card from her husband for Christmas, prompting their journey to the Netherlands. And thus, Bellyprint UK was born!

This accomplishment fills me with immense pride. When I founded this company, my own daughter was already six years old. Now a spirited teenager, she constantly asks questions about her birth and what it was like to be pregnant. How wonderful would it have been to show her: “Look, my darling, this is how Mumma looked when she carried you in her womb. This was your cosy home.”

You have the power to share this extraordinary experience with your child.

With Love,

Marije ~ Founder of Bellyprint®

Your pregnancy is a time of growth, both for your baby and for yourself.

Meet the UK Bellyprint Specialist!

It all started when I stumbled across Bellyprint on Instagram when I was pregnant. After having to travel to Holland to have mine created I completely fell in love with the whole experience, it made me feel so empowered and I ended up with the most amazing keepsake that sits proudly in my living room.

With over a decade of nursing experience under my belt, it’s safe to say there’s not much I haven’t seen and because of my experience, I’ve become extremely good at making people feel comfortable and safe. So if the idea of having a Bellyprint resonates with you but you have any concerns please feel free to get in touch with me so I can explain how it all works and put your mind at rest.

I promise you, in the years to come, that having a Bellyprint will be a cherished trophy that brings you immense joy. You truly deserve this remarkable keepsake!

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Made with love.

3D statutes that are beautiful from every angle. Just like you.